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JuliPaints is a small-batch handmade watercolour brand specializing in lightfast artist-grade colours and metallic shimmer paints. I ship from Canada and allow artists to have shimmer paints in a variety of colours (currently stocking 57 colours) without the high cost and limited palette available in stores. My palettes will continue to expand and more products will be available in the future. 

How do I use watercolour?

Place a few drops of water on top of your watercolour and let sit for 1 minute to activate the dry watercolour. You can add more water or less, the more water you add it will dilute the pigments the less water it will be more vibrant.

How to store watercolour?

After you use watercolour paint please allow your paints to dry before your store. Excess water on the bottom of your container and wet paint can mold. Make sure to dry completely.

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