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Sometimes it's all about context...

Exciting news!

This weekend, October 7th from 12PM-2PM is a show opening in Aldergrove BC through the Langley Arts Council and I've got three pieces in the show! I am very excited as it's not just a show but also a competition. This year one of my pieces was chosen to be on the poster, pictured below, which is such a great honour!

A couple of weeks ago when I was dropping off my pieces for this show, I had a really interesting conversation with the exhibition coordinator. We were talking about painting and more specifically about watercolour and the challenges behind it.

I've had a ton of conversations about watercolour but this one was kind of special because I think it helped me realize some of the things I've been learning in the past few months as I forge on and create more and more detailed pieces in this medium.

I realized that so much of art-making and art appreciation is about context. People say when you're buying home decor, you should take the item to the trash can section of the store and see if you still like it, then if you do you should probably buy it. I feel this is the opposite for artists. We have a tendency to see our work "next to the trash can" most of the time, and it isn't until we put on finishing touches or put it in a frame that we actually start to see it through the eyes of someone else. It really is amazing the difference it can make.

This, of course, also applies to the making of art. I talk a lot about the ugly stage of painting, and watercolour sort of has a double-edged sword because it is the darks and the structure that gets painted last, so sometimes for weeks your portrait can look like a floating piece of skin with eye holes (Dr Who fans picture Cassandra the Last Human...) and it's so hard sometimes to see beyond that.

I only bring this up today to say sometimes you non-artists out there need to get out and see some art IN REAL LIFE! So this show is the perfect opportunity! Or one just like it. The Langley Arts Council has a ton of events happening and so do multiple other arts organizations in the Fraser Valley (and basically everywhere...). So if you're tired of looking at digital versions of real life art, come to my show! It's on until December 6th and it's got a ton of artists' amazing work in it so it's totally worth seeing!

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