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10"x14" Painting (comes framed, frame is 12"x16" white)



Serenity Unveiled


In "Serenity Unveiled," the juxtaposition of Prussian blue and vibrant red creates a captivating visual symphony. A woman on her side in the tranquil waters, becomes a focal point of serenity. The vivid hues of red and orange goldfish swirl around her, embodying the dynamic energy of life. Her hair, rendered in striking white, serves as a poetic contrast against the intense colors of the aquatic scene.


The deliberate use of negative space imparts a sense of openness, allowing the viewer to immerse themselves in the painting's contemplative atmosphere. "Serenity Unveiled" invites us to explore the delicate balance between stillness and movement, capturing a moment of quiet introspection amid the lively dance of goldfish.

Serenity Unveiled Original Watercolour Painting

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