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10"x14" Painting (comes framed, frame is 12"x16" white)



Title: "Sun-Kissed"


In "Sun-Kissed," the radiant portrayal of a redheaded woman with her face a captivating nexus of warmth and contemplation. Wearing a green floral shirt, she exudes an air of connection to nature, a sentiment echoed by the kaleidoscope of orange, black, and red goldfish gracefully navigating through and around her flowing hair.


We are struck with the essence of a sunlit day, where a luminous sun with a cheerful visage beams in the background. This celestial presence bathes the scene in a golden glow, accentuating the vibrancy of both the woman and her aquatic companions. The goldfish, rendered in hues of orange and black, create a mesmerizing dance around her, symbolizing a harmonious fusion of the terrestrial and aquatic realms.


"Sun-Kissed" invites viewers to embrace the interplay of color, light, and emotion, encouraging them to immerse themselves in the captivating narrative woven into the tapestry of the redhead's expression and the aquatic ballet that surrounds her.

Sun-Kissed Original Watercolour Painting

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